WAS Configuration Articles

This page hosts some articles I'm writing. The article source is hosted on a public GitHub project. I've got quite a backlog to write. This will help get some of them out there and help with review.

Article Builds State Last Update Author
JAX-WS Bindings html   pdf   epub Managed client bindings September 17, 2015
Paul Glezen
WS-Sec: Signing Timestamps html   pdf   epub Third Installment April 20, 2015
Paul Glezen
WS-Sec: Testing with SOAP-UI html   pdf   epub First Version September 30, 2014
Paul Glezen

The content is entered in DocBook format. Writing a DocBook document from beginning-to-end is not for the faint of heart. But once you get your favorite XML tools configured, it's not too bad. The format of the XML input file is straight forward when you have a sample to work with. For the time being, I handle the builds (renderings into the various formats).